Voluntarism. Some form of this word is found in each phrase of the Junior League purpose:

* to promote voluntarism,

* to develop the potential of its members for voluntary participation in community affairs, and

* to demonstrate the effectiveness of trained volunteers.

The Association of Junior Leagues International, Incorporated, supports and promotes voluntarism as an essential component of society and recognizes the voluntary sector as that which can experiment, demonstrate, and innovate; monitor the public sector objectively and impartially; influence governmental program development; provide those services unavailable through governmental programs; and advocate for needed change.  Voluntarism is an expression of citizen responsibility for society’s institutions.  Almost every significant social movement in our democratic society had its beginnings in the voluntary sector.  Voluntarism recognizes and nurtures that role as critical to the maintenance of human rights and opportunities.

The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., is a unique organization devoted to training young women in the skills necessary for effective volunteer participation in the community.  It recognizes the individual’s right to volunteer, but believes that strength is best brought to volunteer efforts through such a program of group education and training as is inherent in the Junior League.  Following research in their communities to determine priority needs, Junior Leagues educate their members and communities on those needs, initiate new programs to meet those needs, participate in planning and policy – making functions, act as catalysts for innovative approaches to community problems, and work toward purposeful and constructive system change.

The Junior League asks its members to accept responsibility, to make a commitment, and to recognize the value to society of the gift of one’s skills without expectation of remuneration.  In turn, it offers training, broadening experience, an opportunity for continued education and personal growth, and the organization resources to achieve maximum impact on high -priority community problems.  The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc., seeks to promote a societal environment in which individual responsibility is valued and pluralism is preserved.

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